Monday, June 7, 2010

First Meet: by Danny

A day after returning from a long business trip my friends (Tyson and Phil) from Fresno who had only weeks earlier moved to Utah invited me to join them at the Utah State Fair. They had also invited some girls they had just met and even though I hadn't met these girls I trusted my friend's judgment and decided to come. The girls got there first and when we called they asked us to meet them at the "horse pull". My immediate thoughts were, "I'm already regretting trusting my friends". However, among the toothless crowd of "horse pull" enthusiasts stood the goddess Ali. She was beautiful! And I instantly changed my attitude about that night's possibilities.

The rest of the night I tried to play it cool and get to know her without giving away my growing interest in her. I tried winning her carnival prizes which I thought surely would be the key to any girls heart! However after spending enough money to cover the carnies rent on his double wide trailer she still seemed unimpressed. (Even though I did catch her looking at my butt once...maybe twice.)

We all seemed to have a great time. We checked out the worlds smallest woman (she was just a black midget and it was a little awkward) , we peeked in at the worlds smallest horse (we got yelled at for not paying...Ali's idea) and rode the slides not once but TWICE! It was an epic night.

After it was all over I said, "Wow, Ali is way cool! I would love to take her out!" But alas, she had her sites set on Phil. So our love story would be postponed...but not for long.

Round 2
Ali couldn't resist my charms forever. Following a short stint with Phil, Ali was again back on the market. After permission from Phil I decided I'd ask her out.

Me and Ali had become close friends in the months proceeding the Utah Fair meeting and I was afraid that that was all she saw me as...a friend. Asking her out was a very nervous risk to me. I didn't want to lose our friendship but I definitely wanted more. Eventually I mustered up the courage and made the call and by some miracle she said yes!! (Maybe winning her those prizes at the fair worked after all.)

We went to eat at Texas Roadhouse and then she killed me on the race cars at Boondocks. With the exception of putting my foot in my mouth a couple times I thought the date was magically spectacular! Ali might have a different opinion (she often does) about the night, but I didn't think it could possibly get any better.

Which made it all the more surprising when everyday for the next week she was "too busy" to see me! I began to really doubt myself and the date. I rehashed everything I said or did and started to kick myself for every stupid comment.
  • Did I ask her enough questions?
  • Did I ask her too many questions?
  • Maybe she didn't like my joke about the midgets?
  • I knew I shouldn't have worn that shirt!
My usual calm demeanor turned nail bitingly apprehensive. How could I have misread things so badly?

After a week of hair pulling, teeth grinding worry she called me. Ali asked if she could come over, which I nervously agreed to. After arriving it was quickly apparent that I had worked myself into a frenzy for nothing and that she still had an interest in me. Oh happy day, the world made sense again!! We spent the day talking and laughing. Unprovoked and playfully she repeatedly stuffed pillow innards in my mouth as I yawned.

From that day forth we've been inseparable (except by geography). We've been together ever since and I hope forevermore.
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